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Packed with insights & features to improve your plugins SEO 📈

Track plugin positions

Add your plugin and the keywords you want to rank for, Plugin Rank will start tracking data and keep you updated.

  • Add multiple keywords at once
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Prioritize your SEO efforts

Using Google Search Volumes, Plugin Rank calculates a priority of 0 to 5 for your keywords, so you can focus your readme.txt SEO efforts on the most popular keywords.

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Track your plugin's growth

Track how your plugin is growing with data and insights that show your progress.

  • Estimated True Active Installs
  • Active Install Growth
  • Plugin Downloads
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WordPress developers are using Plugin Rank to grow their plugins

Get insights, make changes, see your results. 💪

Visualize your rankings

Monitor how your improvements are paying off with interactive charts. See a history of your positions over time.

  • Average position
  • Positions distribution
  • 7, 30, 90 day history
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Plugin Rank has helped us rank higher in the WordPress plugin directory search results, which in turn has driven more visitors and customers.

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Summary emails to keep you in the loop

Stay up to date with all your plugin position movements, right in your inbox.

  • Weekly or monthly emails
  • See keywords that have improved or declined
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Competitor analysis

See which plugins are ranking for your keywords, analyze their data.

  • Get valuable insights
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Plus & Pro
Track your competitors

See how you are performing against your competitors. Add up to 5 competitor plugins to visualize your ranking progress.

  • Get keyword performance of competitors
  • Suggested competitors
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Track results from different languages

The WordPress plugin directory is translated into over 160 different languages and the search results vary between them. Track keywords for different locations.

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Are you ready to watch your plugins grow?

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