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Looking to Acquire WordPress Plugins?

Get access to the data and insights to help you spot the next opportunity.

Helping businesses and entrepreneurs expand in the WordPress space.

Helping you spot the next opportunity

What if you could easily identify the right plugin to acquire next?

  • Free plugins with a large install base
  • Freemium plugins that can be taken to the next level
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Acquisition Analytics

Plugin Rank gives you access to pre-built reports showing the plugins ripe for acquisition.

  • Custom searches
  • Trend reporting
  • Email alerts
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Looking to Acquire WordPress Plugins?

Acquisition Analytics is coming soon. Be the first to know when it launches.

Business Intelligence Done For You

With a range of powerful search and reporting tools, Plugin Rank has everything you need to find your next acquisition opportunity.

Free Plugins

Find abandoned popular plugins

Freemium Plugins

Find plugins that can be grown.


Identify plugins up for adoption

Track Growth

Identify fast growing plugins

Trending Categories

Identify growing plugin categories

Email alerts

Alerts to catch the next opportunity

Data on tap
Plugin Rank has a large database tracking plugin data over time, as well as plugin positions in keyword search results on the repository.

Plugin Rank has the data ready to help you identify the next plugin to acquire or the type of plugin to develop next.

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57 k


111 k


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